Thursday, January 21, 2016

PROJECT EVEN SEM Presentation-1

All BE IT students are hereby informed that  project presentation -1 of even semester will be arranged on 29/01/2016 & 30/01/2016.the detailed schedule is as below.

on 29/01/2016
1) Sentimate Analysis for Online Shopping Site Recommendation.
2) Interact with Computer System using ASL
3) Employee Attendance monitoring using video streaming face recognition. 

on 30/01/2016
1)Network Monitoring, Control using Intrusion Detection System. 
2) Drowsy Driver Detection
3) Visual Product Identification for Blind
4) Online Book Renewal using Digital Book Library 
5) Color QR code Decryption for storing product details. 
6)Resource Utilization and Student Performance Monitoring 
7)Cloud based Project Monitoring and Analysis 
8)Captcha as Graphical Password-New Security primitive Based on Hard AI problem 
9) Web Image Re- ranking  using Query Specific Semantic Signatures
10)Kids Learning Application using Android
11)Automated Electricity Bill Generation Using Android 

At the time of presentation you have to be in formal & come with 
file having  all weekly reports signed by guide.